Name: Guaya Mp3
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Date added: December 12, 2013
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Are you spending enough time with your kids? Did you hear the news on the radio? Most car accidents happen because drivers aren't paying attention. I'm from America. Sure, I love looking at photos. You like it, don't you? She helped the old man across the street. He doesn't know how to play the guitar. I expect to come. I just got up. Give me a few minutes to get ready.
Guaya Mp3: - Never confuse pity with love.
- Write with a ballpoint pen.
- I don't have much time. Could you hurry?
- What is your manager's name?
- Please wait a moment. I'll see if the doctor is available.
- She blackmailed him.
- A little.
- Telling lies is a very bad habit.
- I never miss the opportunity to eat Italian food.
- When he spoke, everyone became silent.
Your letter made me happy. Sorry, that's too late. I usually go to bed around 10:00PM. We enjoyed watching TV. I would like mine rare. I have an idea she will come today. Paul has dry hair. There is one girl I like who lives in my building. I talk to her a lot because she's also studying English. The girl standing over there is Mary. You are very brave. What is on Channel 10?

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